Lesson 2 - L&S, Functions, Pronunciation - CIVILIZATION

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Taking into consideration the vocabulary above and the photos in this exercise, try to predict what the listening will be about:




Different building materials

Urban development

The problems of big cities

You will hear a lecture on urban development. Before you listen, read the statements below. Then listen to the lecture and complete each sentence choosing the best option (a-c). Two listenings should be enough to complete the task:

Tekst przygotowano na podstawie: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Urban_planning

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Asking for clarification and commenting
In a conversation, it often happens that we don’t catch a word or phrase and need to ask for repetition or clarification. In addition, we are usually expected to comment on the incoming information. Respond to the following clues in an appropriate way. You will find some useful phrases below:

Asking for an explanation
I’m not sure I understand. What do you mean?
What do you mean by ‘grid pattern’?

Asking for repetition
I’m sorry, I didn’t catch/get what you said. Could you say it again, please?
Could you repeat that, please?

Politely interrupting
That’s very/really interesting, but...
That’s true, but...
I’d (just) like to say...
Excuse me, can I just say...

Giving opinions
I think it is/was great/wonderful/clever/terrible.
I don’t think it is/was a (very) good idea/solution.
In my opinion, they should have done it differently.
Personally, I don’t think it worked well.

  1. The basic plan is a central plaza with city services.
    I’m sorry, I _______ _______ what you said. _______ you say it _______, _______?
    Audio icon.gif   Listen
  2. The urban plan found in these cities included the world's first urban sanitation systems.
    _______ do you _______ by ‘urban _______ _______’?
    Audio icon.gif   Listen
  3. The Aztec empire was the only well-developed ancient civilisation.
    That’s _______ _______.
    Audio icon.gif   Listen
  4. Cities are always cheaply constructed and only struggle with social problems.
    _______, I _______ _______ it’s true.
    Audio icon.gif   Listen
  5. Uniform high-rise blocks in the cities were an excellent solution.
    I don’t _______ it was a _______ idea/solution.
    Audio icon.gif   Listen

Borrowings into English

The words in this exercise have been borrowed into English from other languages. Listen carefully and decide whether the given word comes from German (G), French (F), or Latin (L).

  1. Audio icon.gif   ad hoc
  2. Audio icon.gif   café
  3. Audio icon.gif   cancer
  4. Audio icon.gif   chivalry
  5. Audio icon.gif   complex
  6. Audio icon.gif   croissant
  7. Audio icon.gif   dessert
  8. Audio icon.gif   élite
  9. Audio icon.gif   formula
  10. Audio icon.gif   garden
  11. Audio icon.gif   hamster
  12. Audio icon.gif   peninsula
  13. Audio icon.gif   souvenir
  14. Audio icon.gif   waltz