Lesson 2 - L&S, Functions, Pronunciation - BODY

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Listening&Speaking: A visit to a beauty parlour
Functions: negotiating
Pronunciation: /v/, /w/, /f/

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Audio icon.gif   Body

[plik za duzy - nie mozna wrzucic na osilka]

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Listen to the list of recorded words. Your task will be to put them in the same order in which they are read.

Audio icon.gif   Word 1
Audio icon.gif   Word 2
Audio icon.gif   Word 3
Audio icon.gif   Word 4
Audio icon.gif   Word 5
Audio icon.gif   Word 6
Audio icon.gif   Word 7
Audio icon.gif   Word 8
Audio icon.gif   Word 9
Audio icon.gif   Word 10
Audio icon.gif   Word 11
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Listen to the sentences below. Your task is to fill in the blanks according to what you hear.

Looking at the ________, I think we made a wise decision not to go to the coast this weekend.

I think it would be wiser to ________ and see how much money you've got left before you make any decisions.

I ________ used to save money but now I'm a little older and wiser I can see the sense in it.

Was it Thomas More who said that the wise man learns from the experience ________ others?

Have you got a cloth that I can wipe the ________ with?

I'll just get a sponge and ________ the crumbs off the table.

Don't wipe your nose on your ________!

Someone has wiped their dirty hands on my nice clean towel!

I'm so cold I can't move my ________.

Will you help me ________ this table to the back room?

Now click on the exercise below and type in your answers.

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