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GRAMMAR: going to and Present Tenses for the Future

Read the dialogue.

Jim: So what are you doing tonight?

Alice: I’m seeing Josh at 7 to talk about that project we’re working on. But we can meet for a drink later.

Jim: How about you, Sue? Any plans for tonight?

Sue: Yeah, I’m going to see the people from the dancing club but I don’t know what time exactly. Would you like to join us?

Jim’s first question is in the present continuous because it is about what is happening...

in the future.


We can use the present continuous to talk about the future events that have been arranged. So the question “What are you doing tonight?” means “What have you arranged to do tonight? What’s your plan for tonight?”

Now look at the girls’ answers. Alice uses the present continuous “I’m seeing Josh ...” while Sue says “I’m going to see ...” Can you see the difference between what they mean?

Alice has already arranged to see Josh at 7. She’s seeing him at 7. Sue’s plans are not that clear yet. She’s decided to see those people, she intends to see them but it hasn’t been arranged yet. She’s going to see them.

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