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However, it is important to remember that you need this combination of tenses (past simple + past perfect) only if there is such a contrast of two events. If you just tell the story and present a simple sequence of events, it’s enough to use the simple past. Look at this example.

She went to the shop, talked to the manager and bought a refrigerator.

We have a sequence of 3 actions in the past (she did three things one after another), so we use the simple past to talk about them. Here she first talked to the manager and then bought the refrigerator.

In the following examples it is important to contrast two actions.

She went to the shop because she was not happy with the refrigerator she had bought.

She talked to the manager about the refrigerator she had bought.

She had bought the refrigerator before she went to the shop and before she talked to the manager.

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