Lesson 1 - Grammar - SENSES

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Read the second part of the interview with Keira Knightly from the Unit 1 Lesson 1, in which she talks about Orland Bloom and Johnny Depp. Change the interviewer’s questions into Reported Speech and write your questions in the numbered spaces provided, starting with the question word.

(1)UGO: How did you prepare for the kiss with Orlando Bloom at the end?
KK: A lot of studying. Yes, I went around kissing every boy that I could find.

(2) UGO: Are you shy on-camera, or does it come naturally to kiss Orlando on-camera?
KK: I think it comes naturally to kiss Orlando anywhere. I had no trouble with kissing him on-camera. He's a good-looking boy, why not?

(3) UGO: How many takes (were shot)?
KK: That took quite a lot of time, that scene, actually. [Whispers] We kept getting it wrong, isn't that weird? I don't know, maybe five to six, or four to five.

(4) UGO: How many takes were you willing to do?
KK: Lots and lots and lots!

(5) UGO: What did you think of Johnny Depp at work?
KK: There's no question (…) that he is one of the most talented actors around at the moment. He's courageous enough to absolutely go for this character in a completely unique way.

(6) UGO: What is Johnny like outside of character?
KK: (…) I can't say enough good things about Johnny. He's just a normal guy. But he can talk about absolutely anything. He's possibly one of the most intelligent, most well-read people I know. He's incredibly generous and just gorgeous.

(7) UGO: What did Johnny do to make you laugh?
KK: (…) He knows a lot about British comedy. Maybe from living in Europe for such a long time. It's such a humor that I grew up with, so we just clicked.