Lesson 1 - Grammar - RELIGION AND BELIEFS

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Quantifiers answer the question ‘how much/how many?’

Some quantifiers can be used with only countable nouns, others with uncountable nouns, and some with both.

  • Quantifiers with countable nouns:
    • Are there any bananas?
    • How many bananas are there?
    • There are some bananas.
    • There are a lot of / plenty of / hundreds of bananas.
    • There are too many bananas.
    • There aren’t many / There are a few bananas.
    • There aren’t any bananas.
  • Quantifiers with uncountable nouns:
    • Is there any bread?
    • How much bread is there?
    • There is some bread.
    • There is a lot of / plenty of bread.
    • There is too much bread .
    • There isn’t much / There is a little bread.
    • There isn’t any bread.

Note: Much and many are most often used in questions and negatives. In affirmative statements, we use a lot of. Some is usually used in affirmative statements and any in negatives.

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Read the explanations for little and few and a little and a few, then complete the sentences with the correct quantifier:

• Little and few (without ‘a’) are negative ideas (= not much / not many):

You must be quick – there is little time. (= not much, not enough time)

She isn’t very popular. She has few close friends. (= not many, not enough friends)

• A little and a few are more positive.

A little = some, a small amount:

Let’s go and have coffee. We’ve got a little time before the next lecture. (a little time = some time, enough time to have coffee)

A few = some, a small number:

‘When did you last talk to your boss?’ ‘A few hours ago.’ (= some hours ago)

Adapted from: English Grammar In Use, Raymond Murphy, Cambridge University Press:1995

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