Lesson 1 - Grammar - MY FUTURE

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Grammar - Word building

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Look at the examples with suffixes and add two more to the list.

-nessmadness, weakness..........
-tion/-ationprotection/ realization..........
-mentdevelopment, payment..........

Complete the text adding suffixes to the words in bold:


    A guide for young people
  1. Your priority is educate.
  2. Your next priority is your independent.
  3. Find yourself some employ.
  4. Move out from your parents and find yourself some accommodate.
  5. Make a list of the things to build your motivate and stick to it.
  6. Be self-disciplined and remember that effective organise of your time is essential.
  7. Enroll into a keep fit class to raise your self-esteem and the sense of free.
  8. Pick up your friends carefully; make sure they show intelligent not ignorant.
  9. If you are a woman, demand equal treat. If you are a man do the same.
  10. Think of a form of punish for not keeping up to your required standard.