Lesson 1 - Grammar - FOUR SEASONS

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Read this extract from an interview conducted by an independent reporter, Thomas Chau, with Keira Knightly, a hot new British movie star in Hollywood. Then, complete the summary of the interview by choosing the correct verb form A,B or C:

UGO: (…) Were you really so young when the movie started production?
Keira Knightley: Yeah, I was 17.

UGO: How did you become so mature?
KK: I got an agent by the time I was six, and mum allowed me to act during the summer holidays. Yes, and I've been acting ever since.

UGO: Did you spend a lot of time at Disneyland researching your part (in the Pirates)?
KK: Yes, a lot. When I came to L.A. to start shooting, I just had to go three, four, five times with my entire family and a lot of friends for research purposes.

UGO: Did it really help to familiarize yourself with the ride?
KK: [Mock-sarcasm] Definitely. Yes, it was crucial to my playing of the character, even though the character is not actually in the ride.

UGO: So what do really think about the movie being based on an amusement park ride?
KK: Truthfully, I think the film is so completely removed from the ride. There really isn't anything in the story that is the same as the ride, except for the jail sequences and certain aspects that are homage to the ride.

UGO: How did it feel to be the youngest person on set?
KK: I wasn't always the youngest person on set. They had a mini-me at the beginning [of the story]. But fine. I was the youngest and the only girl. Great.
(adapted from the original published at http://www.ugo.com)

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