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Now look at these examples.

1. David used to travel a lot but now he doesn’t travel much.

2. He used to be good-looking but now he has a beer belly.

3. He didn’t use to work much but now he’s a workaholic.

He used to do something means that he did that regularly in the past but he doesn’t any longer.

Negative: .. didn’t use to...

Question: Did you use to...

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In most of these sentences you can use would instead of used to to talk about something that happened regularly in the past. For example:

He would go to parties when he was younger, but he doesn’t go out much these days.

He would often play the guitar.

However, would can’t be used with states and situations. For example, you can only say

I used to be fit.

She used to have curly hair.

You can’t use would here because you talk about a state of being fit or having curly hair, not about some activity.

Look at all the 12 sentences about David. In most of them would can be used instead of used to. But there are 5 in which would can’t be used. Which?

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