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Do you remember Anna’s research about people’s lifestyles in her area (Lesson 1 - Grammar - MY FAMILY)? How would Anna report that conversation?


A: Good morning, Mrs. Johnson. I’m doing research about people’s lifestyles in our area. Could you answer a few questions? It will only take a couple of minutes.

J: OK, Anna. I hope they are not too personal.

A: Of course not! So what time do you usually leave for work, Mrs. Johnson?

J: Well, I usually leave around 7, but today I’m a bit late.

A: What about your husband? Does he leave earlier or later?

J. He always takes the kids to school, so they never leave earlier.

A: How often do you go shopping?

J. We always go shopping on Thursday, but my husband sometimes buys some groceries or drinks on his way home.

A: Does your daughter play with the kids in the neighbourhood?

J: Yes, she does, almost every day. But my son doesn’t. He’s much younger than other boys here.

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