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GRAMMAR: Reported Statements

Do you remember Mr. Williams (Lesson 2 - L&S, Functions, Pronunciation - HEALTH AND MEDICINE) talking about his symptoms to Dr. Carter?

My wife says I also get headaches....

She says I’m getting these stomach pains...

Oh, and she says that I don’t sleep well ..

This is a strange way of describing your symptoms – if you remember that story you know why he does it. He keeps saying:

“My wife says ....”

Because he introduces the sentence in the present tense (She says), nothing happens to the tenses in the rest of the sentence.

You get headaches.

She says I get headaches.

You’re getting stomach pains.

She says I’m getting stomach pains.

But it’s different if the sentence is introduced in the past tense (She said, You told me). Do you remember Anna (Lesson 2 - L&S, Functions, Pronunciation - ECOLOGY)? She couldn’t believe her friend Jessica was in San Francisco, so she said:

But you told me you were not going anywhere!

When they were talking before the holidays, Jessica said:

“I’m not going anywhere.”

She said she was not going anywhere.

When we report what someone said in the past (He said..., She told me...., They explained....), the tenses in that sentence are changed:

present continuous → past continuous

simple present → simple past

simple past → past perfect

future: willwould

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Do you remember Anna’s research about people’s lifestyles in her area (Lesson 1 - Lesson 1 - Grammar - MY FAMILY)? How would Anna report that conversation?


A: Good morning, Mrs. Johnson. I’m doing research about people’s lifestyles in our area. Could you answer a few questions? It will only take a couple of minutes.

J: OK, Anna. I hope they are not too personal.

A: Of course not! So what time do you usually leave for work, Mrs. Johnson?

J: Well, I usually leave around 7, but today I’m a bit late.

A: What about your husband? Does he leave earlier or later?

J. He always takes the kids to school, so they never leave earlier.

A: How often do you go shopping?

J. We always go shopping on Thursday, but my husband sometimes buys some groceries or drinks on his way home.

A: Does your daughter play with the kids in the neighbourhood?

J: Yes, she does, almost every day. But my son doesn’t. He’s much younger than other boys here.

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