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Will is often used with these phrases.

I think

I don’t think

Do you think

I expect

I’m sure

I wonder


Look at the examples below.

I’ll probably let you know tonight.

I think she’ll never forget him.

I don’t think you’ll pass the exam.

I wonder what she will do.

Don’t worry. I’m sure she’ll be all right.

Do you remember Anna, Janice and Rick? Use the phrases above to speculate about their future (before you find out more in the following lessons...). Do you think Janice will be happy with Rick? Write 6 sentences.

Here are some ideas you may use.

EXAMPLE: (hate Janice) I think Anna will hate Janice the rest of her life.

fall in love with Rick

marry Rick

be friends for ever

look for another boyfriend

never use dating agencies

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