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Activity 1.
In groups, the students describe the current weather conditions, and then present their descriptions to the class.

Activity 2.
The students watch the weather forecast on TV (or listen to one on the radio). The teacher asks questions to check comprehension.

Activity 3.
Several students read the home assignment from Unit 1 (Lesson 4) – a description of weather conditions. Descriptions are commented upon by the students and the teacher. The remaining ones are collected and graded by the teacher outside the classroom. The feedback is given via e-mail.

Activity 4.
Volunteers are asked to describe the surrounding places: the classroom, the building, the campus, Warsaw. Then, in groups, the students try to elaborate on these improvised descriptions. The teacher decides which group has done the best job.

Activity 5

    Checking the home assignment from Unit 2 – a 150-180-word description of a place done according to a prescribed format:
  1. Three students (volunteers) read their descriptions
  2. All other students are asked to rank the descriptions and to justify their rankings (Does it follow the format and the hints offered in Unit 2? Is it interesting to listen to? Does it make you wish to visit the place?)
  3. Several students present their rankings and criticism of the descriptions read aloud.
  4. The teacher sums up the discussion and expresses his/her own opinion.
  5. The remaining assignments are collected for grading. Feedback is sent to each student via e-mail.