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Getting to know each other

I. Work in pairs. On a piece of paper write the name of a person that is important to you, a city and a date. Ask each other about the things you have written, e.g. :

  • Who is Ann for you?
  • When did you meet?
  • How long have you known her?

Here are some qustions to find out more information:

  • How many ............?
  • Have you ever ...............?
  • Why...........?
  • Who ..........?
  • Where ......?
  • Did you .................?
  • What is your ........?
  • Would you.......... ?

Knowing about the world

II. 1. Who are the most famous people in the world? What are they famous for? What countries do they come from?

II. 2.A. Who are these people? What do they have in common?

  • Mel Gibson
  • John Winston Howard
  • Anna Paquin
  • Bonner Neville
  • Nicole Kidman

II. 2.B. Look at the pictures. Match the pictures with the names of the people given above.

Mel gibson.jpg
John Winston Howard.jpg
Anna Paquin.jpg,filmografia,Person,id=2562
Bonner Neville.jpg
Nicole Kidman.jpg

II. 3. Look at the photographs and discuss the following questions:

  • What can you see in the photographs?
  • Where do you think the photographs were taken? Why do you think so?

Test your knowledge

III. 1. Divide into two groups.

  • Group A: list things that in your opinion are characteristic of New Zealand
  • Group B: list things that in your opinion are characteristic of Australia

III. 2. Do the quiz. Read the questions and choose the best answer A, B, C or D.

  1. What is the population of New Zealand :
    a. 3.9 million
    b. 5.3 million
    c. 6.2 million
    d. 10 million
  2. Aotearoa is the Maori name for New Zealand. What does it mean?
    a. lush green land
    b. land of the long white cloud
    c. land of the godess
    d. land with many sheep
  3. In Australian slang 'dunny' means:
    a. a teacher
    b. a toilet
    c. a house
    d. I don't know
  4. A 'sheila' is a ....
    a. friend
    b. woman
    c. kangaroo
    d. beer
  5. A common Australian greeting is:
    a. honk
    b. meow
    c. g'day
    d. hi
  6. Which of the following culinary delights is a product of Australia ? a. vegemite
    b. samosa
    c. paella
    d. souvlaki
  7. The capital of Australia is: a. Sidney
    b. Canberra
    c. Auckland
    d. Melbourne
  8. 'Uluru' is the name of:
    a. a river
    b. an animal
    c. a weapon
    d. a rock
  9. The first people to live in Australia were:
    a. explorers
    b. convicts
    c. aborigines
    d. rich people on holiday
  10. A marsupial is an animal that carries its young in a ...
    a. bag
    b. beg
    c. pouch
    d. on its shoulder
  11. The first white people came to Australia in:
    a. 1750
    b. 1857
    c. 1788
    d. 1900
  12. What is a didgeridoo?
    a. an Aboriginal musical instrument
    b. a bird
    c. a kangaroo
    d. a poisonous snake
  13. New Zealand exports large quantities of primary products to the rest of the world. Its biggest export sector is:
    a. meat
    b. dairy
    c. seafood
    d. forestry
  14. New Zealand is in the Southern Hemisphere. In New Zealand the sun rises in the :
    a. West
    b. East
    c. South
  15. What is a Kiwi?
    a. a type of fruit
    b. a type of fruit and a bird
    c. the most popular brand of motorbikes in Australia
    d. a person from New Zealand

Find out more

IV.1. Fill in the gaps with the words given below. There are more words than you need.

rental guided wide foot cosmopolitan bush old lost culture white main wildlife dream beating tour beauty great national

Text A

It is a 1................ place where you can travel in bacpacking style. This is a country with sweepingly different scenery between the 2.............. towns and cities. Getting around is simple and, and better still, your choice of routes, activities and accomodation is as 3.................. as the Pacific Ocean horizon. Transport is as flexible as you like. Roads there are well maintained. It is hard to get 4..........., traffic is minimal and there are plenty of places to picnic or stop for a break. So travelling by a campervan or a 5................ car is a hugely popular choice. Go skydiving, bungy diving or 6............. water rafting in Queenstown, climb the Harbour Bridge, take a wine tour in Hawke's Bay, try kiwifruit in Bay of Plenty. There are also many 7 ................ and non-guided walks and treks that are truly unique. Black water rafting is great fun, as is caving. And, since the jet boat was invented there you must go jet boating.

http//, access 2006-07-12

Text B

Free spirited country- experience the diversity of this land, from the timeless Red Centre to the striking 8.............. of the Great Barrier Reef. Discover the country’s unique wonders. From the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, to the Bungle Bungles in the west....Discover the Outback- the land of its traditional ancestors- the Aboriginal people. Take a bush 9................., or rent a 4WD- you’ll find natural wonders, breathtaking rock formations, and ancient 10 ....................
From sugarsand beaches to towering rainforest and red outback plain, 3400 11................. parks and wildlife sanctuaries offer stunning natural beauty and the richness of Aboriginal culture.
Its cities are all about lifestyle. Find out about great shopping, food and entertainment, natural surrounds and 12................... fun. With a coastline of 36,735 kilometres, the island continent is one long stretch of sand.

http//, access 2006-07-12

Answers: 1. dream 2. main 3. wide 4. lost 5. rental 6. white 7. guided 8. beauty 9. tour 10. culture 11. national 12. great

Which text is about Australia? Which is about New Zealand?
Answers: 1. New Zealand 2. Australia

IV. 2. Write a similar piece about a country you know very well ( about 80 words). When you finish read it aloud to the class and let other students guess which country it is about.