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A short Warm up exercise – A teacher’s choice

or The lesson can be started with checking students‘ homework.

  1. a mind map
  2. a short conversation with emphatic expressions

Exercise 1.

    Prepare a short speech: Subject I had a (strange, funny, awful….) dream.
    First make notes about the following:
  • How often do you remember your dreams?
  • Why do you remember this particular dream?
  • Was it colourful or in black and white?
  • Did you know the places, people that appeared in that dream?
  • Were you scared or did you have positive feelings about something or someone?
  • How did you feel when you woke up?

Practise talking about this subject to your partner. Then listen to your partner. Can you comment on your friend’s speech in order to help him improve his speaking activity?

Exercise 2.

    Organize a class discussion on the aspects of living abroad. Ask students to prepare a list of advantages and disadvantages of leaving one’s country and choosing to live abroad. Students are advised you use arguments from the reading and should be incouraged to add arguments of their own. Then choose a Chairperson to preside the discussion. The class could be divided into two groups: one which is for and one which against. Let the discussion continue as long as students contribute to it. The Chairperson in the end is supposed to summarize the discussion. NOTE: Before starting a discussion a teacher can revise useful expression such as:
  • In my opinion
  • I disagree
  • The point is that …
  • I strongly oppose to
  • The idea is
  • Honestly, I think
  • I can’t agree on this point
  • Are you really sure/convinced that …
  • I believe
  • In my view
  • etc.
  • Also the teacher should instruct the chairperson of his/her role.

Exercise 3

    Use at least five discourse markers from the list and act conversations with your friends on one of the given subject:
  1. Marriage is no longer fashionable.
  2. Computer games help you to relax.
  3. For your own personal development you should change your jobs every three years.

In the end it is advisable to leave some time for students‘ questions. Maybe the teacher should look at some writing students prepared. (These are only suggestions; how the lesson is going to be conducted should be left to the teacher.)