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Warm-up – Students talk about what has changed since the last meeting (5-10 minutes)
Students check their Progress Test and comment on it (whether it was difficult or not) (10-15 minutes)

Activity 1. (15 minutes) Problems with learning a foreign language (open-class discussion)

1. Students talk about the problems they come across when studying English or any other foreign language. They exchange ideas about how to overcome these difficulties.

Activity 2 (40 min)– Comparing the situation– structure practice, defending one’s own opinion, presenting the opinions of other people – (pair work, open-class discussion)

  1. The teacher hands out cards with structures which remind the students of how to make comparisons between things. ( from Unit 7, lesson 1) ( one for each pair of students)
  2. On the whiteboard, there are the following topics of choice (topics to be selected, depending on the number of students):
    a) The social position of women in the 19th century and the present day in European countries.
    b) The social position of women in Arab counties nowadays.
    c) The situation of disabled people in Poland and the USA.
    d) The influx of immigrants to Poland, other European countries and the USA.
    e) The treatment of black people in Poland today and 20 years ago.
  3. Students read the topics, then, in pairs, they choose one topic, and compare its aspects using their comparison structures.
  4. In the meantime, the teacher gets acquainted with the distribution of topics in the classroom.
  5. In pairs, students take turns presenting their partners’ opinions on the topics they have selected.
  6. Other students may take notes while listening, and must ask the speaker(s) questions, presenting a problem.
  7. Students who have selected the same topics express their own ideas.
  8. The answering students must defend their opinions by using one of the methods learnt. (Unit 8, lesson 2).
  9. Students summarize the lesson’s topics and main opinions ( presenting the opinions of other people).

Activity 3 (15 minutes) – Checking the Homework – Peer editing

  1. Students present their letters of apology (home assignment), and check each other’s letters.
  2. The teacher comments on the results and highlights the most difficult language areas.

Cool-down (5 minutes) Students exchange their cross cultural experiences. They tell each other stories and comment on them.