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Getting started

Can you give examples of any child prodigies? What were they famous for? How early did they start showing their talent to the world?

Interview your partner.

  1. What do you think has been your greatest achievement so far?
  2. Do you recall anything that you excelled in at school? Or maybe, there was a sport or activity that you did better than all the other children you knew?
  3. If you could turn back time, what would be the skill that you’d have developed more?
  4. What attitude did your parents and teachers have with you? Were they lenient, relaxed, encouraging, demanding, strict? Which attitude would you appreciate more?


Look at the headlines. What do you think each article is about?

  1. Questions About Child Prodigy
  2. Child Prodigy, 14, Commits Suicide
  3. Child prodigy now U.Va. grad student
  4. Angelic Music

Now skim through the articles and match the articles to the headlines.

A Her vocal chords spread like wildfire, and she was in demand, most importantly by music producer/manager Jonathan Shalit. He introduced Charlotte to the Sony Music UK Chairman, who signed her to a multi-album contract on the spot.
(1)_____________Voice of an Angel reached double platinum status in the UK, and Charlotte became the youngest artist to have a number one hit in the classical charts, and the youngest to have a Top 5 hit in the UK -- beating out Vanessa Mae by a few years.
Once the album crossed the pond and "Charlotte buzz" hit North America, she was making her rounds on talk shows such as The Late Show with David Letterman or The Oprah Winfrey Show.

B A musical prodigy who completed high school at age 10 apparently killed himself at 14, authorities said.
Brandenn E. Bremmer, who taught himself how to read at 18 months and began playing the piano at 3, was found dead Tuesday at his home in southwest Nebraska with a gunshot wound to the head, sheriff's officials said. Patricia Bremmer said her son had shown no signs of depression, had just finished the art for the cover of a second CD of his music, and had plans for Wednesday. She did not disclose details of how he was found.
"We're rationalizing now," she said. "2___________ ... He was so connected with the spiritual world, we felt he could hear people's needs and desires and their cries. We just felt like something touched him that day and he knew he had to leave" so his organs could be donated.
She said Brandenn's kidneys went to two people, his liver to a 22-month old and his heart to an 11-year-old boy.

C In most ways, 4-year-old Marla Olmstead is just like any other child her age. She goes to pre-school, plays with dolls, and loves to draw and paint.
But Marla paints unlike any other kid in the world. 3___________. She’s garnered international attention, and her paintings are selling as fast as she can finish them -- for as much as $24,000.
And that’s where the mystery comes in: How is it possible that a girl so young and so small can create works of art that many say are so sophisticated and so complex?

D Gregory R. Smith completed one goal on May 31 when he received his Bachelor’s degree from Randolph-Macon College at the age of 13. Now the child prodigy is aiming at another by jumping into the University’s graduate studies program.4 _________________. He is pursuing a Ph.D. in Mathematics, the first of several doctoral degrees he plans to obtain.
“The University of Virginia has been my first choice all along,” Smith said in announcing his decision last week. “It has been my plan since I graduated from High School to apply to the University of Virginia. for my graduate work. I am so excited to have this wonderful opportunity to study at one of our country’s best universities.”
University of Virginia officials have been equally excited about Smith’s selection. Gene Block, vice-president and provost, said, “Greg will be a wonderful addition to our graduate studies program. His record of intellectual achievement, combined with his dedication to international service, fit well into the University of Virginia. tradition. We realize that it’s important not only to challenge Greg academically but also to provide an environment where he feels at home among peers.”

Read the text carefully and fit in the sentences in the gaps. One point doesn’t fit any of them.

  1. He started the first of two summer classes on Tuesday, the day after his 14th birthday.
  2. She's signed her name to dozens of works deemed breathtaking by her fans.
  3. She first gave sign of her talent when she was staying at her grandma’s in Cheshire.
  4. He had this excessive need to help and teach people.
  5. Her first album was released in 1998, when she was a mere 12 years of age.

Answers: 1 e 2 b 3 d 4 a

Vocabulary work

Look at the following texts and work out the meanings of the words printed out in italics:

  1. … and she was in demand…
  2. … who signed her to a multi-album contract on the spot.
  3. Once the album crossed the pond…
  1. She did not disclose details of how he was found.
  1. She’s garnered international attention…
  2. … can create works of art that many say are so sophisticated…

Read through part D and find expressions corresponding to the definitions:

  1. a first university degree
  2. to have a plan to achieve something
  3. the abbreviation for “Doctor of Philosophy” (a university degree of a very high level)
  4. to complete a course in education, especially at High School
  5. the person in charge of a college at some universities
  6. a person who is the same age or social status as you

Ask your teacher which degree is between Bachelor and Ph.D.

  1. 1 wanted by a lot of people / 2 immediately / 3 crossed the Atlantic Ocean
  2. 1 give information about something
  3. 1 get a lot attention from abroad / 2 clever and complicated
  4. 1 Bachelor’s degree / 2 aim at / 3 Ph. D. / 4 graduate from / 5 provost / 6 peer

Group task

Role play (Teacher’s notes: divide the class into 3 groups A, B and C. Let them work on their task in their groups (students A in one group, students B in their group and students C together ) or individually. Check their answers. Then make up groups of 3 , each containing one A student, one B student and one C student)
In The Studio with Prodigy Parents

  1. You are the host of a radio programme Wonders of Nature. You’ve invited the parents of Marla Olmstead to give you an interview. Look at the following hints and prepare questions that you would ask them. Make sure you put the verbs in the correct form.
    1. When/you/ first notice Marla’s artistic talent?___________________________________
    2. How long/she/take to paint one picture? _________________________________
    3. How/she/get on with other children?____________________________________
    4. you/would/say that your daughter and her art /be/ in demand?______________________
    5. you/can/disclose the techniques /that /she/ use?_______________________________
    6. How/you/react/when/ people/not believe in Marla’s genius? _______________________________________________________________
    7. You/think that by the time Marla/finish/ school/ she/ become /an internationally acclaimed artist?____________________________________________________________
    You start:
    Hello and welcome to the new edition of Wonders of Nature. Today we have with us Mr. and Mrs. Olmstead, the parents of an exceptionally talented and promising four-year-old, Marla. Welcome to the studio and thanks for accepting our invitation.
  2. You are Marla Olmstead’s mother. Read the hints below and complete the verb forms. Then in groups answer the questions with the information you have.
    She ________(paint) about three times a week, up to three hours at a time and usually __________ (finish) a piece every few sittings.
    She _______ (get) on with other children rather well; Her friends ________ (not, paint) she ________(play) with them as any normal child.
    As word spread, Marla __________(feature) in The New York Times, in an article titled “Portrait of the Artist as a Young Girl.” Time magazine called her a “pint-size Picasso.” And she __________(appear) on NBC, as well as . So far, she________(have) several expositions and her paintings fetch from $9,000 to $24,000.
    There will always be skeptics. And, you know, as long as the people who are purchasing the work __________(believe) Marla did it, and as long as our friends and family, and the people that matter _________(believe) it, that’s enough for me.
    You start:
    Not at all, it’s a pleasure to be here in the studio with you.
  3. You are Marla Olmstead’s father. Read the hints below and complete the verb forms. Then in groups answer the questions with the information you have:
    Before Marla's second birthday, she ________(ask) me that question. She said, 'Can I paint, dad, can I paint,' I am an amateur painter myself. "And I just said, 'OK.' You know, good diversionary tactic and that’s how it all __________ (start).
    She’s just kind of slowly pushing the paint around. I _________ (expect) to see a child feverishly and intensively working at her canvas and filling up space.
    We can’t say what _________ (happen) in 10 or 15 years, but one thing is certain. We ___________(not, do) anything that would harm her and we __________(not, push) her to do things she won’t like to do.
    You start:
    Thank you for inviting us.


  1. 1 When did you first notice …? 2 How long does she take ….? 3 How does she get on ..? 4 Would you say that your daughter and her art are in demand? 5 Can you disclose the techniques that she’s using/uses? 6 How do you react when people don’t believe in Marla’s genius? 7 Do you think that by the time Marla finishes/has finished school she will become/have become an internationally acclaimed artist?
  2. paints/finishes/ gets/don’t paint/plays/ was featured/appeared/has had/believe/believe
  3. asked/ started / expected / will happen/have happened / are not going to/won’t do / are not going to/won’t push