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Warm-up – Vocabulary game

This is a great way to revise the vocabulary needed for the next activities (and the progress test as well). Divide the class into groups of 5-6 Ss. Then give each group several definitions (5-8) and ask the Ss to provide the appropriate word/phrase for each definition. Allow 3 minutes and then check the answers with the whole class (Ss should read a definition and then give the correct word). If a group doesn’t know an answer, allow other groups to guess. To make the game more competitive, assign points for each correct answer and announce the winner at the end.

Note: All the definitions given below were introduced in this order over the last 8 lessons. To diversify the game, mix the definitions while distributing them to different groups.

  1. dirty water carried in sewers (SEWAGE)
  2. consisting of houses (RESIDENTIAL)
  3. intentional (DELIBERATE)
  4. working well and quickly (EFFICIENT)
  5. to build (TO CONSTRUCT)
  6. a straight line joining the two opposite corners of a square (DIAGONAL)
  7. to destroy (TO DEMOLISH)
  8. waste removal (SANITATION)
  9. to supply (TO PROVIDE)
  10. perpendicular pattern (GRID)
  11. A house joined on one side with another one, usually exactly the same. (SEMI-DETACHED HOUSE)
  12. A low-rise apartment building, i.e. a building that has no more than four levels. (CONDOMINIUM)
  13. One of many houses in a row, with open spaces at the front and back. (TERRACED HOUSE/ROW HOUSE)
  14. A house in which all living areas are on a single level, i.e. there are no stairs between living areas. (BUNGALOW)
  15. Usually a small country house. (COTTAGE)
  16. A free-standing, usually single-family house. It is completely separated from neighbouring houses. (DETACHED HOUSE)
  17. A high-rise apartment building. (BLOCK OF FLATS)
  18. to decide about something (TO DETERMINE)
  19. to struggle hard, to make a great effort (TO STRIVE)
  20. compromises (concessions)
  21. the way a person is brought up (UPBRINGING)
  22. a wife or a husband (A SPOUSE)
  23. to suffer patiently (TO ENDURE)
  24. to strengthen (TO REINFORCE)
  25. to overcome difficulties (TO WEATHER THE STORMS)
  26. the man who is getting married (GROOM / BRIDEGROOM)
  27. the woman who is getting married (BRIDE)
  28. done in a proper way, in force (VALID)
  29. a person present at the ceremony(WITNESS)
  30. to ask God’s favour (for someone) (TO BLESS)
  31. special gift(s) given by the wife’s family to the husband (DOWRY)
  32. celebration, entertainment (FEAST)
  33. an important Christian ceremony (SACRAMENT)
  34. holy (SACRED)
  35. the words people say to each other when they get married (WEDDING VOWS)


Divide the Ss into groups of 4. In each group, 2 Ss will be real estate agents and 2 Ss will be looking for a place to live. Distribute role cards but strongly encourage Ss to come up with their own ideas, too.

Real estate agent 1
Your agency sells mostly apartments in low-rise as well as high-rise apartment buildings. You know that not everybody wants to live with many neighbours around, but stress the benefits of such housing, e.g. cheaper, closer to city centre, no need to worry about heating, waste disposal, etc. Try to persuade the buyers to buy one of the apartments on your offer.

Real estate agent 2
Your agency sells mostly detached, semi-detached and terraced homes. You know they are more expensive than apartments, but stress the advantages of such housing, e.g. more privacy, quiet, a garden etc. Try to persuade the buyers to buy one of the houses on your offer.

Buyer 1
All your life you’ve lived in a nice apartment building and you got used to it. Now you have a little more money and your family want to move to a house. However, you are afraid of such change. Ask the real estate agents for advice.

Buyer 2
With your parents you’ve lived in a terraced house. You didn’t like the small garden (your neighbours were always observing what you were doing!). Now you are getting married and you need to buy a place to live. You cannot decide what you want. Ask the real estate agents for advice.


Divide the class into groups of 3 (this will ensure the involvement of all the Ss and encourage even the shy ones to speak). Give them a question to discuss:

Why do you think religion as well as rites, rituals and symbols are important to people?
Allow about 10 minutes for group discussions (depending on how the speaking goes) and try to open up a whole class exchange of opinions (strong minded Ss will have a chance to express their views in front of the whole class).

Note: During all the activities monitor and note problem areas for further work. You may choose to point out common mistakes for the whole class at the end of the lesson, or talk to individual Ss after the class.