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Unit 5 i 6 Lekcja z nauczycielem (godz 34)

I. Analysis of student comments, problems and difficulties, if any, connected with Units 5/6.

II. Group work. The students produce short dialogues (negating and finding solutions to problems) on the topics provided by the teacher, e.g. “Physical punishment is good for children”. Each group presents at least one dialogue to the class. Feedback from the teacher.

III. Checking the task from Unit 5 lesson 4 - “The Most Memorable Event in My Life”. The students present the compositions to their colleagues in groups (3-4 people), choose the most interesting one and then present it to the whole class. The whole class chooses a “winner”, explaining their choice. Feedback from the teacher. All the essays are collected by the teacher, for assessment and comments.

IV. Group work. Using the vocabulary from Unit 6, the students prepare an oral description of a supernatural phenomenon they have witnessed/heard/ read about, and then present it to the whole class. The best story is chosen by the teacher and commented upon.

The remaining time will be devoted to a short progress test.