Lesson 2 - L&S, Functions, Pronunciation HOLIDAYS AND FESTIVALS

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Times change – a grandparent’s story Integrated skills-listening, speaking, functions and pronunciation Skills/Functions z elementami Pronunciation

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While talking about how her family used to spend Christmas during the war Mrs Huges said: But we were all together and that’s the most important thing, isn’t it?

When she asked this question, did she really want the listener to give her some information? Click the answer:

Yes No



This type of question is called a Question Tag. It is usually asked to confirm what you’ve just said or to ask the listener for agreement. However, sometimes it may be used in order to really ask for information. You can tell the difference by the intonation in the question:

question tag which is not asking for informationGrafika:falling.jpgfalling intonation

e.g. “You were a happy family,weren’t you?”

real question asking form informationGrafika:rising.jpgrising intonation

e.g. “You moved to the Midlands after the war, didn’t you?”

Now see if you can recognize what kind of question tag the speaker is using. Listen to the sentences and mark them as real questions or not real ones.

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These questions are formed by adding the Auxiliary Verb that suits the Verb in the sentence + a Pronoun:

“All the students have passed the test, haven’t they?

If the sentence is affirmative (+), then the question tag will be negative (-) and it will contain the word “not”:

“Your mother was born in Rzeszów, wasn’t she?”

If the sentence is negative (-), then the question tag will be affirmative (+):

“Your father wasn’t born in Rzeszów, was he?

They are not normally added to questions.

“Do you like football, don’t you?

There are also some exceptions:

“I am supposed to pay for this, aren’t I?” “Somebody has been here, haven’t they?” “Nothing is important enough to miss your son’s birthday, isn’t it?”

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Imagine that you are 100 years old and talking to your granddaughter. Prepare to talk during the lesson with the teacher in the class about your future. Make notes and bring them to class:

Choose the statements which you think you will want to tell your granddaughter by hiding the unnecessary ones

o My life has not really been a bed of roses.

o I enjoyed every minute of my life.

o There are things I would make different if it was now.

o I used to play a lot when I was a child.

o I had had a baby-sitter when I was small.

o My mother would always read to me before I went to bed.

o I had stayed at home with my mother before I went to school.

o I did not like going to school.

o My best friend at school would give me his lunch if I had forgotten mine.

o I was the best in my class.

o I sometimes forgot to do my homework.

o We spent Easter with our grandparents.

o I loved sports.

o I passed my driving test at the first go.

o I had been learning to drive for months before I passed the test.

o We didn’t have robots at home when I was young.

o My parents did not even know how to use the computer.

o I had been studying for 5 years before leaving university.

o I got an interesting job right after I graduated.

o I had had many jobs before becoming the manager of our firm.

o I had been engaged to your grandmother for two years before we got married.

o I had been engaged to someone else before I met your grandfather.

o I was driving to the hospital when your mother was born.

o We would always go to Hawaii for Christmas.

o Your grandfather and me were staying in New York when your father was born.

o We bought our first electric car in 2021.

o I was frightened when I first went on a trip to the Moon.

o We had never saved enough money to go on holiday in summer.

o We were surprised when Russia joined the European Union but Turkey had already been an EU member for 19 years.

o I was thrilled to pieces when you were born.

o I was promoted and I had to move to Spain in 2067.

o I still keep some real money from before they went out of use.

o I’m so happy to be 100.